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Cloud computing, or Internet-based computing, initiating large-scale transfers of computing power to the Internet, enabling resources to be distributed across multiple server networks.  This bypasses the traditional hardware limitation, and frees clients from the need to concentrate o­n acquiring hardware and start providing services to their customers.

Previously, server hosting was limited to the hardware that you were able to keep o­n hand. Your resources were usually limited to your physical server’s amount of random-access memory, processing power, storage capability and bandwidth access. Typically, this greatly limited the amount of work you could get done, even if you were able to set up multiple servers.Here, GB Computer has moved all of its servers to the Cloud computing, or Internet-based computing to handle large-scale of data transfers and reliability.  Cloud Server enable resources to be distributed across multiple server networks. This bypasses the traditional hardware limitation, and frees clients from the need to concentrate o­n acquiring hardware and start providing services to their customers.The advantage of cloud computing is the ability to scale your business as required, with virtually no major changes to your asset structure needed. This is because you o­nly pay for what you use.


GB computer designer team build fast, interactive, great looking, websites. All of our website design projects include a content management system to easily update your website on your own. You can be confident that whatever your project demands, our web designers can deliver pixel perfect designs on time and on budget.


GB Computer and Design provides services to register domain in New Zealand.   We also provide domain transfer for “” to us for free.

GB Computer Printing and Design provides quality / printing services a fraction of the cost that you may encounter at other printing companies. Based in Auckland, our cheap printing services are available across New Zealand. Here we offer competitive printing cost for all of our products, including business cards, brochure printing, flyers, envelope printing, Vinyl printing, booklet, receipt book, order book and much more. We also provide stationery, custom printing quotes, digital printing and offset printing services at affordable prices.


When it comes to what printing you have done for your business, that will depend on the nature of the business itself (eg a restaurant is likely to want menus printed), your marketing mix and strategy, and the ubiquitous budget. Here are a few possible uses of printing services which you will find represented here at GB Computer, Printing and Design.

  • Business cards are perhaps the most common marketing product that businesses of all sizes will have printed. Your options here are cheap card, plastic business cards, clear contemporary business cards and others.
  • Business stationery such as letterheads and envelopes. Again virtually all businesses will need this basic stationery items which can be printed by most printing services companies.
  • Calendars can form an annual piece in the marketing jigsaw, giving calendars towards the end of a year for the following year in the hope that customers and potential customers will be inspired to hang them on their wall and be reminded of your business for the next 12 months.
  • Brochures and catalogs can make a big impact if well thought out, informative of sufficient quality. The internet may have had an impact on marketing, but with many people fixed to a computer screen all day long it can be a great relief for them to browse the pages of a brochure or catalogue. They are still effective marketing tools.
  • Another way of using print material to add another dimension to your marketing mix is the use of postcards and folded postcards. With email affecting our communication habits so much in the last decade the humble postcard arriving in someone’s real mailbox can make a far greater impact that any email could in the virtual world of the internet.

We have a most highly qualified personnel specialising in computer networking and Computer Graphic Design and Multimedia to ensure that our customers receive incomparable and professional service as well as competitive pricing for products.

At GB Computer and Design, our experience design team collaborate with you to create a unique company identity for online and print publishing, helping you to stand out among the crowd. We offer logo design, graphic design, brochures, business cards, and complete corporate identity packages to establish your brand in the marketplace.

Creating a visually appealing, distinctive look is more important than ever before in today’s business climate. Often, the business that is branded well has the edge when it comes time for a customer to make a decision to purchase. We believe in creating simple, yet artistic brands that promote unity throughout all of your web and print media, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

We offer logo design, business card design, and a corporate identity package to create your unique brand. Printing costs not included, if you require printing please specify when ordering and we will quote you on your project.